Ref.: CW2077

Ref.: CW2077
Weight: 11 gr
Model dimensions: 39x22x14 mm
Cavities: 3 x 10 pc
Mould dimensions: 275x175x24 mm

Customize Moulds

Our in house specialist will be able to design your polycarbonate moulds according to your design. Send us you design, and we will able to start with 3D design, prototyping, trial moulds up to finish product. Contact us for more details.

These are some of our customize moulds we did for our client.

Ref.: MAP2004

Ref.: MAP2004
Weight:2 à 20 grRef.: MAP2005
Weight:60 gr

Ref.: MAP2006
Weight: 80 gr

Ref.: MAP2007
Weight: 115 gr

Ref.: MAP2008

Ref.: MAP2008
Weight:40 grRef.: MAP2009
Weight:85 gr

Ref.: MAP2103
Weight: 2 à 20 gr

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